"Our Star" Quilt

We recently redecorated (ie. new bedding, paint, curtains, pillows, etc.) our youngest daughters bedroom and as a result she was in need of a new quilt to match!  After much deliberation and planning, we created the "Our Star" Quilt.

Little miss is quite particular and after MUCH online fabric shopping, we agreed on this gorgeous fabric collection! What can I say, she has her mother's taste ; )

We also had to settle on a quilt pattern.  It was difficult for her to visualize quilts with different fabrics in her 8 year old mind, so that process was also challenging.  However, we FINALLY settled on this large scale star print.  It is particularly fitting since her name means "star" and I was pleased that it would be a quick sew!

I remembered saving a tutorial in my beloved Pinterest account.  This Giant Vintage Star Quilt Pattern is from Jeni Baker over at In Color Order.  It is also pinned and located on my Quilts: Stars board.  Check all of them out at Moms with Scissors on Pinterest.

See the full tutorial on Jeni's Blog, but here are the basic highlights from my interpretation and creation.

Fabric & Supplies

Bonus Quarter Bundle
Norma Rose Bonus Quarter Bundle from Pineapple Fabrics
Normal Rose Fabric for "Our Star" Quilt

Cut your squares

18 inch squares
Cut 18 inch square

Cut square in half along the diagonal

Cut 18 inch square across diagonal/bias
Squares cut on diagonal

After the squares are cut into 2 equal sized triangles, it is time to arrange them into your large-scale star shape.

There are MULTIPLE ways to do this and several options for layout depending on the number of different fabrics used and the look that you are going for.  I recommend you check out Jeni's original blog post to see all the options!

Star comprised of large triangles

Our layout

This is the layout that we created.  As you can see, we used 8 different fabrics and 8 bonus quarters from our bundle.  I also had extra fabric left after creating the 18 inch squares which will be used for creating a scrappy binding.

The background....

"Our Star" Quilt background squares
"Our Star" Quilt
"Our Star" Quilt before piecing completed

Piece 2 triangles back into a square

Sew triangles together along diagonal, taking care not to stretch the fabric as you sew.

Remember we cut these triangles along the bias grain of the fabric, which is where fabric gets its stretch.  If you don't take care, you may end up with a stretched seam and a wonky square!  If you need a review of this or other terms, review Sewing Terms & Techniques: A Helpful Reference for Beginners.

Trim pieced squares

"Our Star" Quilt