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Omnigrip Double Suction Cup Ruler Grip: Product Review

Rotary Cutter Ruler Grip
Omnigrid Ruler Grip

I had been using a rotary ruler and cutter for YEARS, before I knew that a ruler grip existed!

When I did discover them, I thought.... hmmm do I really need that?  I've managed not to cut off any fingers as of yet!

I decided to give it a try and bought myself the Omnigrid Double Suction Cup Ruler Grip.  There are several other tools similar to this on the market.  I choose the Omnigrip version since I use and love their ruler products.  I tend to be loyal to brands, when they perform well for me.  Loyalty is important!

Price Point:

This particular product is so inexpensive.  It retails for $17.99 at Joann Fabrics and I was able to use a 50% coupon, bringing the total to $8.99 plus tax.  Alternatively, it is priced from $13 to $20 through various online vendors.

I love JoAnn and their generous coupons and policies.  If they carry it and I can use a coupon on it, they usually earn my business.

If you would like to learn how I save LOTS of money at JoAnn Fabrics, check out Best Tips for Saving Money at JoAnn Fabrics.

Recommended use:

Upon first impression, this tool was much bigger than I anticipated.  It has two suction cups which attach to your ruler, with black lift-up levers on the handle side.

To attach grip to ruler, lift up lever to "open" or release suction cup.  Place onto rotary ruler and gently push down.  Push down levers to "close" or attach suction cups to ruler.  When finished using, simply lift up levers and slide fingertip under suction cup, to release from ruler.

The suction cups are large!  Each of the attachment points measure just under 4 inches in diameter.  For reference, I am showing it used with a 6 1/2 inch by 24 inch clear fiskars rotary ruler, similar to this version.

Ruler Grip Product Review:

1. Good Stabilization

Overall, I find this tool helpful for holding and stabilizing the rotary ruler while cutting fabric with your rotary cutter.

I could see how it would be VERY helpful for someone with limited hand or wrist mobility or hand weakness.  If you have arthritis, I think this tool would be worth the investment.

Also, if you are "vertically challenged", or on the short end of the spectrum, I know that it can be difficult to get the leverage needed to hold the rotary ruler securely.  This is particularly true if you are cutting on an elevated surface.  I am not vertically challenged, but an unnamed member of my sewing posse is and we often help her with cutting for this reason : )  Maybe I'll get her one for Christmas!

2. Size

Rotary Ruler Grip
Omnigrid Double Suction Cup Ruler Grip

This has a beefy handle!  Like, almost too big in my opinion.  I have smallish to normal size hands, and I think it could be hard to grip firmly for those who are petite or have very small hands.

Secondary to size, it can only be used with larger rotary rulers.  You would be unable to use this grip with small square rulers or specialty quilt templates.

There are similar suction cup style template rulers available for smaller sizes, and I do have one for this purpose.  It does not have the grip strength that this larger version has.  However, to be fair, the smaller ones do not need that much grip strength because you are working with small rulers and pieces of fabric.

3. Grip Strength

The suction cups seal and hold for a reasonably long period of time.  I was able to iron and cut a set of 2 pillowcases start to finish, without needing to reattach the ruler grip.

Now, later that day I was working on another project and was frequently interrupted by barking dogs, yelling children, doorbells, oven timers, etc.....Everytime I returned to my happy space to pick up where I left off, I needed to reattach the grip to the ruler before using.

I think it holds reasonably well and my family, and LIFE, just needs to stop interrupting my sewing sessions!  I'm sure you would agree.

Overall Recommendation:

This is a good specialty tool for a subset of quilters and sewers.  This may be a helpful tool worth the investment, if:

  • You have reduced hand strength or hand/wrist mobility issues.
  • You are "vertically challenged", aka short, this might be helpful to gain leverage when holding your ruler in place.
  • You are safety-minded and want to take an extra measure to protect your fingertips from your rotary blade.
  • You are sewing with, or teaching, a child or novice seamstress.
  • You have "marathon" sewing sessions, during which your hands get sore, weak, numb and unable to function without assistive devices.

Maybe I'm the only one who does that last thing?  Can't be...

Be safe & stay well,

Jen J