Scrap quilt batting
A small part of my scrap batting stash....

I save batting scraps....and I have a major stash!

You may be asking yourself, why on earth do you do that Jen?  Well my friends, batting is expensive and you can easily join your batting scraps together for future use!

It's quite easy.  Let's walk thru the steps together...

While I do save batting scraps, I don't go crazy.  I try to use every last bit that I can, but I do not save everything.

These are common scrap batting pieces in my stash.  You will have different sized scrap pieces in your stash, based on the items that you create.  I make microwave bowl cozies and sell them in a local vendor barn.  This is the scrap end that is left over after cutting the batting to size....and I have ALOT this size!

batting scraps
Brother cs6000i stitch options

There are a few ways to join batting, including a few options that I have never used!

I will review the two methods that I have used and had success with.  Joining with a wide,elongated zig-zag stitch or _______ stitch on my Brother cs6000i machine.

Zig-zag stitch fpr joining batting scraps
Zig-zag stitch settings on Brother cs6000i
Aligning scraps under presser foot
Align scraps under presser foot.
Fagoting stitch setting for joining batting scraps
Quilted box pouch made with joined scrap batting
Quilted box pouch created with joined batting scraps