Awesome Gift Ideas for the Quilters on your list!

Are you on the hunt for great gift ideas for quilters?  Is there someone on your gift list who loves to quilt or is wanting to learn how to quilt?  Then you are in the right place!

I have compiled a list of fail safe gift ideas any quilter would love, with numerous price points.  We all have different budgets, and there is a great gift idea for everyone on this list!

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Fun & Unique Supplies

1.)  Steamfast Mini Travel Iron

This handy little iron is great for pressing small quilt pieces.  It also travels easily for sewing & quilting nights and events that often occur within sewing circles.  This works great with the Wool Pressing Pad (#5) as well ; )

2.) Bobbin Ring

This is a cool storage option for those rogue bobbins!  Nothing bothers me more, ok maybe some things, than a messy bobbin case.  This little guy helps keep those bobbins neat and in order.  A super helpful gift for someone building up their sewing tools and studio, or those of us trying to organize and clean up our spaces.

3.) True Sharp Power Sharpener 2

Rotary blades go dull and they need to be replaced.  Depending on how much sewing you do, you may need to do that quite often...which gets expensive.  Those little replacement blades are not cheap!

This tool is used to sharpen your used/dull blades so that they last longer.  Not only do you save money in the long run, but also end up tossing fewer blades in the trash as well.  I am ALL about trying to "green" up my life.  So this is on my wish list....

Product Image

4.) Merchant Mills Leather Needle Wallet

I think this is such a pretty, organic way to keep your needles organized.  What can I say, I do appreciate a little bit of fine leather in my life.  Mine are currently scattered all over the bottom of a drawer...which is not all that uncommon in the sewing world.

Pamper your sewing and quilting buddy with this fun, universal sewing gift.  I know a few folks who will be receiving one of these from me this year....

5.) Wool Pressing Pad

These wool pressing pads are excellent and efficient tools to use with your preferred iron.  I have read reports, and heard from trusted fellow sewers, that fabric does not slide around on this pad while pressing.  This is super helpful when pressing tiny pieces, since holding them with your fingers is not recommended unless you want your fingertips scalded!

It also retains heat and allows you to press "both sides" of your fabric at the same time, eliminating the need to flip over and press the other side.  Saving time is always good....particularly on the less fun tasks associated with quilting, like ironing!

6. ) Omnigrid Rotating Cutting Mat

For those of you who have quilted, you know how much cutting is required.  Those who have not....there is a LOT of cutting required!!!  This rotating cutting mat helps to make that job a little less tedious and frustrating.

Instead of turning yourself or your fabric when making your cuts with your rotary cutter and ruler, you turn your mat! Genius right!!!  Another great time saver...

7. ) Gingher Evelyn 8 inch Shears

Ginghers are the best scissors....really, I absolutely love mine!  But they are not NEARLY this pretty.  I mean, these scissors are gorgeous aren't they?  Every sewer/quilter needs a pretty pair of quality cutting shears. At least that's my rule.  These are on my list for Santa this year...

Sewing Machine Cases & Travel Accessories

8. ) Sewing Machine Carrying Case

This is another one of those necessities for sewing posse get togethers!  A case is needed to secure the sewing machine, foot pedal, cords, etc for safe and easy travel.  A great gift for a friend to encourage her to come sew with you.  Or if you are not a sewer yourself, encourage them to come visit and make something for you while there ; )

This is a pretty, budget friendly option.

9. ) Bluefig Quilter Essential Combo: 19 inch wheeled bag, Project Bag & Satchel

This set would be the perfect companion for a sewing weekend get away.  When I pack up and head to another sewing local for a weekend getaway, I have a literal car full of stuff!  Bags for my machine, my projects, fabric, supplies, ironing board, serger, etc.  When I remember, I also bring a tiny little bag for a change of clothes, toothbrush and clean undergarments ; )

This set would allow me to coordinate....and not forget to pack that last tiny little bag.  I have done that and it isn't pretty!  A great gift for your quilting buddy, or break up the set and keep one (or two) for yourself.

Bluefig Quilter Essential Combo: 19" Wheeled Bag, Project Bag and Satchel - Maisy

Everything Mary 4 wheel Rolling Sewing Case Floral

10. ) Everything Mary 4 wheeled Rolling Sewing Case

Another pretty sewing machine case, but this one is on wheels.  If you have a sewing buddy with a heavy beast of a machine from 1964, this is a great option for transport!

11. ) Omnigrid Foldaway Portable Cutting & Pressing Station

Does your mom, aunt or daughter belong to a quilt guild or sewing club for her church?  This is a super handy tool for sewing and quilting on the go.  A great gift any quilter, especially those who travel, would appreciate!

Quilting Books & Pattern Inspiration

12. ) Stripology Mixology by Gudrun Erla

A quilt book containing 13 quilt patterns utilizing various type of pre-cut fabrics.  A great book for beginning quilters!  Also includes 13 cocktail recipes to correspond with each quilt pattern.  I mean, how great is that!  Because a little bit of alcohol always make your projects look better ; )

13. ) Quilt with Tula & Angela by Tula Pink and Angela Walters

Another fun quilting book with awesome quilt inspiration from a few of the brightest and most popular modern quilters around.  A comprehensive piecing and quilting book....

Product Image

Quilt Kits

Product Image

14. ) Beginner Quilt Kit- Check Plus Lap Quilt

Quilt kits can be great for beginner quilters!  Is your sister really wanting to learn how to quilt, but just unable to pick the fabric and take that first step?  Or does your neighbor love quilting but unable to get to the store to pick out fabrics?

These quilt kits can be really great for certain folks.  Personally, I LOVE to pick out my quilt fabrics and spend hours making the perfect picks!!!  However, I realize that is not everyone's cup of tea.  If someone struggles with choosing fabrics, these quilt kits are great and highly recommended!

It also takes some of the intimation factor out of that first quilting project.  Most of the work of "getting" your fabric is done for you....which can a hurdle for lots of people.

Boxes & Subscriptions

15. ) Quilty Box Subscription

A monthly subscription box which includes fabric, thread, 1-2 notions or tools, inspiration mini-magazine and 3 patterns!  The fabric choices are beautiful and include inspiration and patterns from featured artists.

A really fun idea, AND you can also purchase individual boxes if you are hesitant to make a subscription commitment  I cannot imaging a quilter who wouldn't enjoy getting one of these boxes!

murder mystery quilt logo

16. ) The Murder Mystery Quilt: Sew It to Solve It

How fun is this!  It's a monthly subscription club, part quilt along and part murder mystery.  AND at the end of the year you have a quilt to remember the adventure.  You can find out more about this cool project at Whipstitch Fabrics.

A fun, unique gift.  Could also be a really fun group activity for your sewing posse!  I'm inspired...

17. ) Pineapple Slice Subscription Box

I love Pineapple Fabrics!  They have really fun pre-packaged and themed fabric bundles available in different cuts and styles called Pineapple Packs.

Each pack has a name (ie. Diana, Fran, Carla) and comes with a free corresponding pattern.  You pick your pattern from a group available for each type of fabric pack.  It's a fun, easy way to try new projects and patterns with unique fabric combinations.

There is a project for just about everyone!  And now they offer a monthly subscription as well.  A great idea!


18, 19 & 20. ) ETSY, ETSY, ETSY

There are sooo many creative folks on Etsy making some really unique and personalized gifts.  These are just SOME of the sweet gift ideas I found during a quick search.

And there are SO many other gift ideas for quilters as well...check Etsy out if you haven't lately!

Hope that was helpful....

I hope that this has been a helpful journey into the world of gift ideas for quilters!  Gift cards from local quilt shops or fabric stores are also another great idea.  Several of the shops listed in this post do have gift cards available.

Make sure to pin this post for the next time you need an idea...I will be sure to keep it updated!  You should also check out my Pinterest Boards for more gift inspiration @MomswithScissors.

What are you thinking about purchasing from this list? Do you have any other ideas that I should add?  I would love to hear your ideas and feedback!

Be safe & stay well,

Jen J