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Jen J of Moms with Scissors

My name is Jen J and I am a Mom with Scissors.  Really, I am a wife, mom, dog mom, Nurse Practitioner and lover of all things sewing, quilting and home decor.

I hear, “I would love to learn how to sew!” from so many family and friends, so frequently.  It’s time to pay it forward and start sharing my knowledge and experiences with those who want to learn.  Sewing is not a difficult thing to learn, but it is helpful to have a sewing buddy to help you along the way.  I would love to be your virtual sewing buddy!

Creative outlets are wonderful for stress relief!

Whether you knit, dance, paint or sew....having a creative outlet is a great way to reduce stress and also feel accomplished!  My type A personality loves to do both of these things at the same time.  Not sure if that is a good thing or not!

Since art and home econ classes are hard to come by these days, it is more important than ever to learn these skills on our own.  I am mostly self taught, but collaborate with the awesome sewing ladies in my life often.  We try new things, experiment with new projects, and challenge each other ALL the time.  That's how you learn!  I highly suggest you find yourself a sewing posse and get together frequently.

Spend more time with those you love and start your own sewing "therapy" group!

The most amazing thing about sewing and creating is doing it with those you love!  My sewing ladies and I, try to get together for sewing “therapy” weekends whenever possible.  Unfortunately, like so many other things in our lives right now, we will be taking our therapy sessions virtual.  We will be offering tutorials,  beginner tips and tricks, and references to help you get started.

Multiple years of medical training taught me to, "watch one, do one, teach one".  You just have to jump in and give it a try!  My goal is to take the “intimidation” out of sewing.  It is not hard, I promise.  You just need some basic skills and tools, and will be limited only by your sense of adventure and imagination!

No apparel, requiring tailoring, offered here...

I am a multi-purpose sewer....meaning I sew a little bit of almost everything.  BUT, I don't sew clothing.  It kind of makes me crazy and I don't enjoy it.  Therefore, I have chosen not to do it.  We will not cover apparel creation on this blog.  Hats, scarves, mittens...I absolutely make and enjoy doing so!  Shirts, pants, skirts, onesies....nope, that is not for me.

Come back often and see what we have to share, including;

I'm always looking for something new and exciting, and can't wait to share my finds with you!

Tangle Threads Resource Library

I highly suggest that all novice sewers check out Tangled Threads, the Moms with Scissors Resource Library.  Here you will find Sewing 101 Beginner's Resources, Project Cheat Sheets, Yardage Conversion Charts and MORE!  They are also handy for the veteran sewers among us as well.  I know I use several of these resources, keeping them posted in my sewing space : )

They are provided as downloadable PDF's FREE of charge, for my email subscribers.  Simple sign up with your email address and receive an email with the password to the protected Tangled Threads Resource Library Page.  Access the page for all our resources and freebies going forward!

It's our way of saying Thank You for following along and being a part of our community!

For experienced sewers...stay tuned!

If you are an experienced seamstress, or just do not consider yourself a beginner, stay tuned.  We will venture into the world of quilting, as well as other more advanced projects, for those who are more experienced or looking for a challenge.  You can make your own custom roman shades.  If I learned, so can you!

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