Quilted Velvet Blanket

I am so FREAKING excited to share this Quilted Velvet Blanket project with you all!  I have been drooling over the GORGEOUS quilted velvet blankets and bedding from RH, Pottery Barn and Pine Cone Hills for months!  While I refuse to spend hundreds of dollars for a blanket that will be USED and ABUSED in my home, I did make a replication for much less! And I LOVE it!

George Costanza would approve…I also like to drape my body in velvet…

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Valentine Pillow Holder

I have a sweet, fun tutorial to share with you today… a Valentine Pillow holder!  This cute project helps add some festivity to a ho-hum holiday (in my humble opinion).

In all honesty, I’m not really a Valentine’s Day kind of person.  However, the hubby and I decided that making the day special for our young daughters was important.  Every year they are graced with flowers, chocolates and a sweet card from Daddy.  Yes, I get those things as well….but that’s not really the point.
This is a great unique project to personalize the sometimes impersonal nature of V-Day, and make it extra-special!

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Binding attached to quilt, front view

Let’s walk through how to attach binding to a quilt….with pictures…
You can do this…it is not difficult!  It just takes a little patience, time and practice.

There are a few techniques that can be used to attach binding to a quilt or project.  This tutorial covers how to attach and topstitch binding in place with your machine. No hand sewing required!

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Bolts of Cotton Fabric

I joke with family and friends that JoAnn Fabrics is my happy place, my mothership, my escape.  It is all those things and more!  If you can’t find me, that’s probably where I am ; )

It is imperative that you know how to shop here or you will spend WAAYYY too much money.  Believe me!

Let me share the money saving tips that I have learned, to help you save money at JoAnn Fabrics.

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